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Ton Pentre will feature in a Fox Sports documentary in the Netherlands

Kevin Richards (behind Brett Davey on the ball) playing for Ton Pentre in Europe against Heerenveen.

Ton Pentre are to appear in a Dutch documentary about the Bulldogs UEFA Intertoto Cup match against sc Heerenveen in 1995. 

The 30 minute documentary is to appear on national television in the Netherlands sometime next month on Fox Sports NL.

The film crew recently visited Ynys Park, Ton Pentre and the surrounding Rhondda area.

Heerenveen’s match against the Bulldogs was their first ever game on foreign soil and the documentary aims to recognise this and analyse the difference in fortunes between the Eredivisie club and the Bulldogs.

Former Ton Pentre players were interviewed, including goalkeeper Marty Ellacott and striker Brett Davey. Club officials were also interviewed by the visiting film crew.

“It’s wonderful to have such exposure,” said a spokesperson for the Bulldogs. “European football was a special experience for everyone involved in the club back in 1995 and it’s fantastic to see that the match also meant so much to Heerenveen.

“The three-man film crew that visited the Rhondda to film footage for the documentary were made to feel very welcome at Ynys Park and we thoroughly enjoyed having them spend a few days with us.

“Fox Sports is the Netherlands version of Sky Sports and it shows the Bulldogs history, stature and reach to attract such attention from another country.”

Ton Pentre were the first Welsh participants in the UEFA Inter-Toto Cup competition playing mid-summer matches.

Their opponents included Naestved (Denmark), Bekescabai Elore (Hungary), Uniao Leira (Portugal) and Heerenveen (Holland), who in the 2000-01 season played in the UEFA Champions League. The Dutch club have been regular qualifiers of the UEFA Europe League too.

Even though Ton Pentre lost all their games, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 and 7-0 respectively, Ton Pentre had the opportunity to compete against players such as John Dahl Tomasson, a Danish international and former Newcastle United player and Tahar who was impressive for Morocco in the 1998 World Cup Finals in France.

The documentary is expected to be aired sometime in May and once it has finished a period of exclusivity on Fox Sports it will be shown on Heerenveen’s television channel. It is hoped that the Bulldogs will also be able to share the documentary at this point.

So, brush up on your Dutch!





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