Ton Pentre AFC News

New League

With the onset of the 2020-21 season still uncertain, what we do know is that Ton Pentre AFC will be playing in the newly formed FAW Tier 3 Ardal Southern League system for the coming season.

The Welsh Football League was destined to end after the 2019-20 season due to the restructuring of Welsh domestic football, however what wasn’t expected was the way in which the league did end due to the COVID crisis.

After a successful Tier 2 Licence application, which will allow the club to play at the next level, if promotion is gained. Ton Pentre AFC were granted a Tier 3 Licence as a formality. This licensing criteria ensures all clubs and facilities meet the necessary standards required by the FAW.

After all licensing criteria was submitted by those clubs hoping to play in the FAW Tier 3 leagues and the required criteria met, our league was formed and our opponents set for the season. The league was named Ardal Southern and we will be playing in the Ardal Southwest tier.

As you will notice there are some old faces in the league and some new blood, like the newly promoted Ynyshir Albions, which should make for an exciting local derby.

We will keep you updated on how the season start is progressing, so please continue to follow us across the web and social media platforms.

#WeAreBulldogs #1896

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