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Join our Bulldogs Fifty/50 Club. The aim is to raise funds in order to help with the day to day running costs of the football club and to help develop our facilities for everyone to enjoy.

We hope that the scheme will be supported by all Ton Pentre fans past and present who wish to help secure the future of our club, potential success and ambition.

The idea is quite simple, Rhondda Bulldogs supporters can donate £5 to the Bulldogs Fifty50 Club once a month by completing one of our Standing Order Mandate forms and presenting it to their bank.

For every £5 donated you will receive 1 entry into a monthly draw which will take place following a home match each month in the Clubhouse and in front of witnesses during the close season.

50% of the total amount paid into the scheme for the previous month will be used to create the cash prize for one lucky winner, and that amount will be evidenced by a bank statement.

For example, if 100 people donate £5 into the Bulldogs Fifty50 Club it will generate £500. Therefore, the prize fund for that month would be £250.

To be entered into the draw we will need to have all payments in by the final day of the month.

Winners are announced on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse, in the match day programme and on tonpentreafc.com.

If you’d like to be part of the Bulldogs Fifty50 Club, with an excellent chance of winning a cash prize each month, please complete a Standing Order Mandate form and hand it in to your bank. Alternatively you can give it to an official of Ton Pentre and we will deliver it to your bank on your behalf.

Bulldogs Fifty50 Club Mandate Form

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