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Public Special General Meeting to discuss the future of Ton Pentre AFC

Ton Pentre AFC held a Board meeting on Monday, 29 April following the release of a statement highlighting current difficulties with running the football team and asking for community support. The statement can be read by clicking here.

It was decided by the current Board to call a Special General Meeting – in accordance with the club’s Community Benefit Society Rules – following interest shown by the community. The SGM will take place on Wednesday, 15May at 7:30pm at the Ton Pentre AFC Social Club.

The purpose of the SGM is to appoint key positions to the Board. In accordance with the Club’s Rules, the Board must consist of a minimum of 6 Members and a maximum of 12 Members (inclusive of key posts).

The aim of the SGM is to also attract new Members, ask the community to support Ton Pentre AFC by way of volunteering and to source a regular income to operate the club.

The SGM is open to anybody who wants to attend, however, in accordance with the Community Benefit Society Rules, only Members will be allowed to vote and stand for election to the Board. You can become a member by clicking on this link.

Once positions are filled that meet the criteria, the Board will meet at the earliest opportunity to develop a strategy to move forward with Ton Pentre AFC and register a team for the 2019/20 season.

Current vacant posts are:

  • Chairperson
  • Finance Officer
  • Club Secretary
  • Board members



  • Registration of attendees
  • Current Financial status of Ton Pentre AFC
  • Nominations for posts:
    • Nominations for Chairperson – ballot to be held
    • Nominations for Finance officer – ballot to be held
    • Nominations for General Secretary – ballot to be held
    • Nominations for Fixture secretary – ballot to be held
    • Nominations for any other vacant Board member posts – ballot to be held
  • Joining Ton Pentre AFC as a CBS members

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