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Monday, 30 November could be looked back upon as an historic night in the history of Ton Pentre Football Club as members of the community in attendance unanimously voted for the Bulldogs to become a Community Benefit Society.

Pete Furmedge from Supporters Direct was on hand to explain the processes and benefits of defining the legal framework within which the Club can operate moving forward.

There was also some very useful input from several Merthyr Town fans, who attended the open meeting to share their positive experiences of linking up with Supporters Direct.

Bulldogs Chairman Ceri Jones said: “Firstly, I must thank all the members of the community who braved the torrential rain and gale force winds this evening to contribute to the discussion.

“I would also like to personally thank Pete Furmedge of Supporters Direct for sharing with us his undeniable expert knowledge and skills in the area of social enterprises and community owned organisations.”

Jones added: “Following a vote from all those in attendance this evening, we have a mandate to convert Ton Pentre AFC in to a community benefit society.

This is significant because it will spell a new era for the club and it will become a fully constituted football club, which will be entirely owned by the community for the community.

“This is an exciting time for the bulldogs and we do now have the capability and ability to adopt a long term vision for the club. I would urge anyone in the community that would like to part own a football club to get in touch now!”

Finally, Jones commented: “The hard work starts now but we do have the opportunity to create an exciting new future for Ton Pentre AFC and high level football in the Rhondda Valley.”

If you would like further information please contact us at tonpentreafc@aol.com.

For background information on the partnership between Ton Pentre and Supporters Direct, please listen to RadioTon and download the documents below.

Can’t see the RadioTon player above? Click Here.

The Background of a Club Moving Forward

Information about Supporters Direct

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