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The Bulldogs have been forced to withdraw from the Reserve Cup

Ton Pentre have been forced to withdraw from the Welsh League Reserve Cup due to match scheduling and pitch availability.

The Bulldogs Board, in consultation with the Reserve Team management, took the decision to withdraw from the competition following the cancellation of Tuesday (11 April) evening’s scheduled home match against AFC Llwydcoed.

Ton Pentre Reserves have been playing their league matches outside of the Rhondda this season at Lewistown in the Bridgend County Brough Council area. This is due to unavailability of a suitable Welsh League standard ground in the Valley.

Ton Pentre and District Recreation Association Community Interest Organisation, that is entrusted to oversee Ynys Park, turned down an application to accommodate the Reserve Team for three matches at the start of the season, so it was not a viable option to make such an approach once again as Ynys Park is currently used by the Bulldogs First & Youth Teams and Ton & Gelli BC in the South Wales Alliance League.

The Reserve Cup was a hastily arranged competition by the Welsh League after several clubs completed their league season early, however, the Bulldogs continue to play league matches up until 22 April due to re-arrangements, therefore, no Saturday slots were available to schedule cup matches.

“We deeply regret having to withdraw from the competition,” said a club spokesperson. “However, the club was left with no further options as several issues aligned to make completing the fixtures an impossibility.

“The club is working with its partners and stakeholders to ensure that the Reserve Team come back home to the Rhondda for the 2017/18 season. The assistance and hospitality that we have received in the Bridgend area at Lewistown has been exceptional and we look forward to completing our league season at the home of Llangeinor Rangers.”

The Bulldogs Reserve team remaining fixtures are as follows:

Saturday, 15 April 2017
Ton Pentre v Aberdare Town

Saturday, 22 April 2017
Treharris Athletic Western v Ton Pentre

To Be Arranged:
Treowen Stars v Ton Pentre


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