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Bulldogs Chairman Ceri Jones, announces his resignation

Ton Pentre AFC Chairman, Ceri Jones, has issued the following statement:

“It is with regret that I announce my resignation as Chairman of Ton Pentre AFC. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years as a servant to the club and I’ll always be very proud of the role I played in saving the club from its near demise in 2015.  

“The club has a strong platform now that it has a renewed structure comprising of 3 teams with approximately 60 players.  I’m delighted with the work that we have undertaken as a Board to stabilise the club and it now has a sound financial footing.  The work undertaken by the Board during the transition to a Community Benefit Society is truly remarkable and I hope the community in the Rhondda now embrace this opportunity to back the club. 

“On a personal note, I have been proud and privileged to have led such an illustrious non league football club and to have made some terrific new friends in the process.  Beyond the football dimension of the club, I’m very proud of the partnerships that we’ve with built with Tenovus Cancer Care, Supporters Direct, the Sportsyard, Ely Valley Sports Park, Llangeinor Rangers and the many club sponsors that engage with us.  

“My final message is to the community  of Ton Pentre and to our local authority: please support this great football club to ensure it doesn’t slip back to the brink.  There so much more you can do for this club and it needs your help.  If local politics can be put to one side the club can be a huge asset for our community; but it is being held back in a profound way.  

“It is highly likely that I will stay within the game with a new challenge potentially awaiting on the horizon; but I will always be a Bulldog and of course I’m now a member of the club and therefore part owner of our wonderful football club.” 


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