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The Bulldogs will play the newly formed City of Liverpool FC in a pre-season friendly at Ynys Park.

The Bulldogs are pleased to announce an exciting pre-season friendly against City of Liverpool FC at Ynys Park on Saturday, 23 July ahead of the 2016/17 season.

City of Liverpool are yet to kick a ball but this brand new football club are causing quite a stir in Liverpool with the fan owned club generating much media coverage about their quest to fill a gap in the city’s footballing infrastructure. Their website has links to this media coverage, such as this article in The Guardian.

City of Liverpool are a Community Benefit Society (CBS) and is the exact same model that the Bulldogs are in the process of finalising with the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with the assistance of Supporters Direct (SD).

In fact, this friendly match has been set up due to Ton Pentre and City of Liverpool’s links with SD. Peter Furmedge of SD has been assisting the Bulldogs through their conversion to a CBS and he is City of Liverpool’s Finance Director.

City of Liverpool hope to join the North West Counties Football League at Step 6 of the English National League System and have received the support of the league and the Liverpool County Football Association.

City of Liverpool have already accumulated over 700 members and Ton Pentre hope to emulate that success when the Bulldogs membership model is revealed in the near future. 

Ton Pentre Chairman Ceri Jones, said: “This is a mouthwatering fixture that will hopefully capture the imagination of football supporters in both the Rhondda and Merseyside.  

“Our friends at City of Liverpool FC are on a fantastic journey of creating a new supporter owned and community led club in a hotbed of football that includes powers such as Liverpool FC and Everton FC on its doorstep.

“700 supporters have already bought a share in City of Liverpool FC and the club has yet to move to their new ground ahead of the 2016/17 season – it’s already a fantastic project which is gaining momentum on Merseyside with football supporters from both the blue and red sides of the City.

“The Bulldogs and City of Liverpool have much to gain by working together and learning from each others experiences.  Our 2016/17 pre season programme, Ton Pentre’s first as a community owned football club, promises to be very exciting for everyone associated with the Bulldogs and the visit of City of Liverpool is one in a series of eye catching fixtures during the summer.”

In due course, the Bulldogs will announce more pre-season friendly matches as work continues behind the scenes at Ynys Park to provide entertaining encounters for our fans.



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