Bulldogs News


The Bulldogs have been awarded a grant that could potentially see the seating capacity increase at Ynys Park.

Ton Pentre AFC has secured crucial grant funding from Welsh Ground Improvements to further develop its Ynys Park home in accordance with the Football Association of Wales Tier 2 Licensing.

The new investment will potentially result in the installation of 175 new seats in the River End terrace of its historic and symbolic ground.

The Club’s Finance Officer, Tony Evans, welcomed the news of the new investment and outlined the importance of such infrastructure development: “This grant funding not only plays in to our strategic plan to return the Bulldogs to the Welsh Premier League in the longer term, it also fundamentally ensures that we can maintain Welsh League Division One football at Ynys Park in accordance with FAW Tier 2 Licensing Regulations.”

The Bulldogs have played at its Ynys Park home for over 100 years and has invested significant funding to develop the ground over the latter part of the 20th century up to the modern day, but if the club is to meet its strategic ambitions a modernisation of the facility is a pre-requisite requirement.

As part of its ambitious growth plans, the Bulldogs will be shortly launching its new 6 year strategy ‘Leading Football Excellence in Your Community’ that will outline its vision for the Club to be a catalyst for community development, youth football and the return of high level football to the Valley.

In terms of the ground development, Evans outlined the immediate next steps: “We will now sit down with our partners and other users of Ynys Park to develop proposals for planning permission with the local authority to ensure we can progress these plans as soon as is practical.

“These are exciting times for the Bulldogs and for football in general in the upper Rhondda area.”


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