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Ton Pentre 2-1 Caerau Ely l Welsh League Division One l Wednesday, 26 August 2015 l Ynys Park

Tom Billing heads in the 90th minute winner.

It was revenge for the Bulldogs in the sweetest possible way as Ton Pentre secured victory at Ynys Park with a last minute winner against reigning champions Caerau Ely, who had beaten the Rhondda outfit exactly a week before.

Ton Pentre were forced into soaking up the pressure in the first half as Caerau Ely practically set up camp in the Bulldogs half of the pitch. However, Caerau Ely’s best chance came from a free kick on the halfway line.

Luke Cooper hit an unbelievable strike that struck the underneath of the crossbar and bounced down onto the goal line before being cleared by the Ton Pentre defence. Had the ball gone in, there would have been a good argument for it being the goal of the season.

The Bulldogs withstood everything that Caerau Ely could throw at them in the first half but Ton Pentre failed to create many useful chances for themselves to score.

Ton Pentre were a different prospect in the second half, particularly when they went on the offensive as striker Tom Billing came off the bench for defender Tom Mouncher in a change of tactics, however, prior to this Caerau Ely took the lead.

The goal came from a move that started with the Cardiff club being awarded a thrown-in near the halfway line that should have been given to Ton Pentre. From the throw-in, Caerau Ely attacked up the right and when the ball was crossed into the box, Lloyd Toghill beat Tom Mouncher to the ball and headed in a goal. It was a well worked move.

Shortly after the Bulldogs equalised but the goal was ruled out under bizarre circumstances.

Rob Blatchford ran the ball from the right wing and into the Caerau Ely box, where he squeezed it past goalkeeper Rob Bloor. However, as the Ton Pentre attacker had run past a defender, the assistant referee was flagging to indicate an infringement. The referee clearly overruled his assistant to allow play to continue and awarded Ton Pentre goal. Understandably, the Caerau Ely players protested and the assistant began to wave his flag once again for the referees attention. Following a discussion between the match officials, the referee then disallowed the Bulldogs goal and a free kick was awarded against the home team, which then led to understandable protests from the Ton Pentre players.

The Bulldogs very quickly put the incident behind them and got to work on using this disappointment to drive them on.

Moments later Ton Pentre scored a deserved equaliser when Billing played the ball to Hitchcock on the left wing. Following an excellent cross into the box, Aaron Jewell slotted the ball home at the far post to make it 1-1.

The drama at Ynys Park wasn’t over, as Ton Pentre were awarded a free kick on the halfway line in the 90th minute that afforded them the opportunity to flood the 18-yard box. As the ball was sent forward, Billing got on the end of the free kick and headed in a last minute winning goal that was thoroughly enjoyed by the Ynys Park faithful.

Ton Pentre’s next match is on Saturday, 29 August against Cardiff Met University at Ynys Park. The game kicks off at 2.30pm.

TON PENTRE: 1. Jarrad Howells, 2. Adam Lewis, 3. Tom Mouncher, 4. Thomas Davies (Capt), 5. Aaron Jewell, 6. Lewis Hitchcock, 7. Andre Griffiths, 8. Leon Jacka, 9. Nicky Jones, 10. Luke Jones, 11. Rob Blatchford. SUBS: 12. Tom Billing, 14. Connor Ray, 15. Kristoffer Rees, 16. Jarrad Walters.




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