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The Missions Statement is the first step towards the Bulldogs releasing its Strategic Plan for the future

TPAFC Mission Statement

Ton Pentre AFC has issued a Mission Statement as a result from discussions and the work of the newly formed Committee following June’s AGM

The Mission Statement is the first step towards the Bulldogs releasing its Strategic Plan, setting out the aims and objectives for the future of the Club in an open and transparent manner.

Bulldogs Chairman, Ceri Jones, told tonpentreafc.com: “The committee of Ton Pentre AFC has been through a significant period of change in recent months but emerging from this challenging time is a new beginning for the Club.

“As a group, we have spent the time necessary to properly assess our raison d’être; and to reflect on some big questions, such as what is the purpose of a modern day Ton Pentre AFC?”

The new Bulldogs Committee has been formed from the Club’s supporters, who have led in deciding the direction that Ton Pentre should take. Jones added: “Overwhelmingly the supporter led Committee felt that the consolidation of links with our community is our number one priority in terms of securing the future of the Bulldogs. 

“We then set about agreeing our Mission Statement and that statement is now a true representation of what Ton Pentre AFC will strive to achieve through working in partnership with our community.”

The Bulldogs are a Club steeped in a proud history and Ton Pentre hope to replicate the successes of the past in the future through a sustainable approach. 

Jones further commented: “The Bulldogs will always strive to be the best and to do that we will always seek to recruit the best talent that is available to us, that is part of the club’s heritage.

“But more than ever we now look to become integrated with the communities of the Rhondda and we will work relentlessly to put the Bulldogs back on top of the pile through maximising the resources we have at our disposal.”

More information of the exciting future of the Club will be published in due course along with our full Strategic Plan.

For now however, the Mission Statement is a good place to start:

“A community led football club with strong roots to our locality, with a commitment to reaching the highest level of Welsh domestic football underpinned by a sustainable business model.”


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