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Ton Pentre have applied for a Treorchy Wind Fund grant for Bulldogs in the Community Initiatives

Ton Pentre AFC have applied to the Treorchy Wind Fund for project funding of £4,500 for a Bulldogs in the Community Initiative. In order to secure the funding, the Bulldogs must be successful in a public vote.

It is the second year of the Treorchy Wind Fund, financed by the local Maerdy Windfarm.  98 applications have been made and it is now up to the residents of Treorchy to decide how the £55,000 fund should be spent this year.

Ton Pentre feature in the £5,000 grant category along with 32 other applicants. If successful, Ton Pentre will host 3 Family Fun Days to bring the community together at Ynys Park with a strong theme of healthy lifestyles along with the promotion of environmental and renewable energy.

The funds would also be used for Ton Pentre’s new Youth Team to assist with their travel across South & East Wales in the Welsh League Youth Division.

Ton Pentre will also purchase a washing machine/dryer for the Youth team to wash kits in an economical manner, which would represent a critical investment for the team as it would reduce the recurrent costs associated with outsourcing the washing of kits on a weekly basis in the long term thus supporting the sustainability of the Young Bulldogs.

A public vote will take place at Treorchy Boys and Girls Club between 11:00am and 4:00pm on Sunday, 30 November 2014 and only Treorchy Ward residents aged 15 and over are eligible to vote. It is therefore vitally important for Bulldogs fans within that area to spread the word and vote for Ton Pentre if we are to be successful.

In order to vote, you must take proof of residency; such as a utility bill, driving licence or government letter. If you are under 21 proof of age must also be provided.

To see if you are eligible to vote, please view the Map of Treorchy Ward and the Street List below:

Map of Treorchy Ward

Treorchy Ward Street List

For more information on the Treorchy Wind Fund, please visit their website: www.treorchywindfund.co.uk

Below you can see the poster to accompany our bid for a project grant.

Ton Pentre AFC's Poster for Treorchy Wind Fund Grant.

Ton Pentre AFC’s Poster for Treorchy Wind Fund Grant.


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