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Ton Pentre's supporters group to meet

Ton Pentre AFC’s supporters group, the 1896BULLDOGS, have announced that they will hold a meeting at the Clubhouse on Thursday, 19 June at 7.15pm.

As stated on their website, the 1896BULLDOGS are ‘…a fan movement that intends to help and support Ton Pentre AFC. Our plan is simple, to raise funds and make improvements. Football in Ton Pentre dates back to 1896 and it is our intention to ensure football in the village continues for all to enjoy.’

Since forming, the 1896BULLDOGS have raised funds to purchase equipment for the canteen, supplied the first team squad with tracksuits, a new away kit and funded small improvements around Ynys Park.

A spokesperson for the 1896BULLDOGS said: “We want to continue growing our supporters movement with an aim to safeguard this famous old club.

“All of our meetings are open, informal, friendly and anybody can attend.

“We encourage everybody to come along to our next meeting on Thursday, 19 June.”

You can find out more information about the 1896BULLDOGS at their website, on twitter and on Facebook.


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