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Bulldogs Return From West With a Point

Both Haverfordwest County and Ton Pentre came into this MacWhirter Welsh League Division One match having won their opening two matches.

Haverfordwest's Conygar Bridge Meadow Stadium.

Haverfordwest County 0-0 Ton Pentre
MacWhirter Welsh Football League Division One
Saturday, 18th August 2012

Both Haverfordwest County and Ton Pentre came into this MacWhirter Welsh League Division One match having won their opening two matches.

With Haverfordwest being labelled as one of the early favourites for the league title and Ton Pentre hoping to mount a challenge this season, this match had been mooted by some as the game of the day in the Welsh League.

There was a sense of occasion around this match, despite it being only the third game of the season, and out of the teams, Haverfordwest looked the more nervous following kick off.

The Bulldogs began the match in a determined fashion as they looked to close the Bluebirds down and keep them in their own half. It was a tactic that worked well as it forced errors from Haverfordwest, who were guilty of misplaced passes.

During the 12th minute of play, Ton Pentre were keeping possession well and spreading the play. When the ball was passed wide right to Chris Colvin, the Bulldogs striker spotted Haverfordwest goalkeeper Peter Blain off his goal line. Colvin cheekily took a shot at the target but saw his effort from 30-yards drop just wide of the post.

Haverfordwest’s Conygar Bridge Meadow Stadium.

After 20 minutes Gareth Tedstone took the ball up the left flank before passing inside to Colvin. Tedstone continued to run into the box and Colvin back heeled the ball to set-up a shooting chance. Tedstone released a first time shot that painstakingly went wide of the post. It was a stunning passage of play that deserved a goal.

Shortly afterwards Tedstone was forced to withdraw from the match due to an injury he sustained during the pre-match warm-up. Lewis Hydes came on in his place to make his debut for the Bulldogs.

In the final ten minutes of the first-half the home team began to put Ton Pentre under some pressure.

Haverfordwest looked dangerous from set pieces and the Bulldogs gave away several free kicks in their own half which allowed the home team to pump the ball into the 18-yard box.

Nryan Bird challenges for the ball.

From one such free kick in the 36th minute Jamie Evans headed towards goal leaving Jonathan Howe struggling to get across his goal line. Fortunately for the Ton keeper, Evans’ effort bounced wide.

Moments later, another free kick was launched into the box from the left by Chris O’Sullivan. It was a fantastic cross but it eluded both the Haverfordwest attackers and Ton Pentre’s defenders.

The second half was a much more subdued affair between the teams with neither being able to break the other down.

Haverfordwest looked more likely to score from a set piece than from open play and the Bluebirds were getting closer to finding their way to the back of the net with a series of corners during the 66th minute.

The Bluebirds sent forward the likes of defender Gareth Elliott who was used as a target man from the corner kicks but Ton Pentre resolutely defended against the danger.

Both teams will be satisfied with the point that they achieved in this match and Ton Pentre will now look forward to Tuesday, 21st August and their home match with Aberdare Town at 7.30pm.

Ton Pentre:
1. Jonathan Howe, 2. Adam Lewis (Captain), 3. Nyran Bird, 4. Jason Brewer, 5. Ross Porter, 6. Josh Evans (87’), 7. Shane Brewer, 8. Leon Young, 9. Ross Fowler (76’), 10. Gareth Tedstone (31’), 11. Chris Colvin.

12. Richard Ingram (76’), 14. Josh Sweeney, 15. Richard Noyes (87’), 16. Lewis Hydes (31’).


2 Comments on Bulldogs Return From West With a Point

  1. What did you think of the performance at Haverfordwest?
    Who was your man of the match?

  2. It was a well earned point. We showed strength in defending set pieces. It was good to see Adam Lewis back in the team and the debuts for Lewis Hydes and Richard Noyes.
    It’s tough to pick a man of the match as it was a team performance that kept us top of the league!

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